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"The group of Pilgrims Worshipers from Paraguay finalized yesterday their pilgrimage, took the flight from Tel Aviv with destination Asunción to finish their pilgrimage that began on May 15, when they landed in Madrid, visited the capital of Spain as well as Barcelona. From Barcelona we flew to Croatia for our coach to go to the call of Our Lady, Queen of Peace in Medjugorge, we continue our trip to Montechiari, Virgen de la Rosa Mystica and we traveled throughout Italy visiting Assisi, San Giovanni Rotondo and San Angelo. European tour in the eternal city where we had the privilege of having an audience with the Holy Father and visiting all the places of pilgrimage in Rome.We completed our pilgrimage in the Holy Land where we toured all those places where Jesus was born, lived, walked, suffered and Resurrected and verified firsthand that the tomb is empty, that Jesus Christ has truly risen! And Pilgrimages it has been a real pleasure to have been the instrument of God so that the Pilgrims Worshipers of Paraguay have had the experience of the Risen Christ. We are waiting for you in a very short time! "

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Murcia, October 23, 2016.


Last Sunday was held in the city of Murcia XIV Meeting of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of the Diocese of Cartagena. The event began in the vicinity of the Church of San Miguel, where more than 2,000 people gathered to process with the image of the Christ of Mercy and the image of the Virgin of Charity to Plaza Cardenal Belluga, where Celebrated the Holy Mass presided by His Exc. And Rvdmo. Mr. Bishop Jose Manuel Lorca Plans, numerous clergy and a great participation of faithful.
 At the end of the celebration, the Bishop and a large number of people moved to the "La Torre" restaurant in the neighboring town of Puente Tocinos, where the Haya Peregrinaciones agency, a specialist in group organization and religious tourism, had organized lunch. In this place the staff of Haya Peregrinaciones Carmen Yago, Almudena Ibáñez, Mª Carmen Serrano and José Manuel Pérez, prepared an altar to the entrance of the restaurant presided, as it could be otherwise, by the image of the Virgin of Medgujorje, beautifully Decorated with orchids, lanterns, candles and even an incense burner, which gave a suitable aroma that reminded of the great days of the Passion of Christ.

Once inside, the attendees were able to taste a fantastic menu made up of products typical of the region of Murcia. After the sweet dessert, Mr. Marcial Alarcón, Director of the Delegation of Fraternities and Brotherhoods of the Diocese, went to the headquarters of the restaurant, where they had prepared a corner with objects related to Israel / the Holy Land, posters, flowers, Posters of the holy places and numerous publications on the biblical places. After the relevant thanks to both the authorities and the audience that was in the place, a few words were made by José Manuel Pérez explaining the meaning of a pilgrimage to the place where our Faith was born and the meaning that has to go on pilgrimage To Holy Land for the brothers belonging to a Brotherhood or Brotherhood.
As a finishing touch, Haya Peregrinaciones carried out the drawing of two places of pilgrimage to the Holy Land for the next month of February 2017, where the Bishop delegated to Antonio, an 11 year old boy, who acted innocently and who Granted the Prize to the Priest D. Francisco Pagán who carried the number 120. Our most sincere congratulations to the recipient.
We only have to thank the Delegation of Brotherhoods of the Diocese of Cartagena, Don Silvestre del Amor, Don Marcial Alarcón with all the component personnel of the entity, the restaurant "La Torre" and of course, to each one of the Attendees to the event, the magnificent day that we spent in yesterday.
God willing, we see ourselves in this same act in Caravaca de la Cruz, which celebrates its great Jubilee Holy Year 2017.
See you in Caravaca, Holy City for the splinter of the Cross of Christ.



"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy" (Matthew: 5: 7)

XXXI World Youth Day, Krakow, from 24 to 31 July 2016.

The best solution to live an unforgettable experience.

In Haya Pilgrimages you will find everything you need to be able to attend individually or in groups to Krakow, so you can enjoy this wonderful event.

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In a vocation meeting on the Neocatechumenal Way which brought together almost 200,000 young people in Krakow, Poland, some 3,100 boys, 4,000 girls and 2,000 families showed themselves willing to enter a seminary, religious life or on mission to any place in the world .


The meeting was held on the occasion of the World Youth Day (WYD) in Krakow that took place in the Polish city today and was attended by Pope Francis.


The act of the Way took place in an area of ​​the Campus Mesericordiae, the same in which the Vigil and the closing Mass of the WYD were celebrated.


The meeting was attended by 8 cardinals and 33 bishops from various countries, including the Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz (Poland), who presided over the meeting; The Archbishop of Boston (United States), Cardinal Sean O'Malley; The Archbishop Emeritus of Madrid (Spain), Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela; among others. Several civilian authorities from Poland also attended.


The meeting was guided by the initiator of the Neocatechumenal Way, Kiko Argüello, and Fr. Mario Pezzi, worldwide responsible for this Christian initiation of adults. "We give an applause to Pope Francis, who can not imagine how he wants the Way," Argüello said at the beginning, recalling that the Pontiff received them in audience only a few weeks ago.


At the meeting there was a constant remembrance of Carmen Hernández, co-initiator of Camino who passed away on July 19 in Spain. Argüello briefly explained how they started together the Road between the poor of Madrid in the 60s, and recalled some of his most important contributions, among them, the rediscovery of the "Paschal night", that is, the celebration of Easter throughout the night.


Then a Gospel was proclaimed, and Arguello preached the Kerygma, the Good News of Christ dead and risen. "Christianity does not conquer with sword or war, it is proposed with personal testimony. The most we can say is: 'I tell you my life', "he said.


Fr. Mario Pezzi recalled the words of Pope Francis to the young people during the WYD and explained that thanks to the Second Vatican Council the Neocatechumenal Way was born, a gradual and progressive path leading to faith.


The priest asked the young people not to belittle "the gift that God has made for us to be born into a Christian family and the Neocatechumenal Way." "These days you have heard Pope Francis say that he who fulfills all the desires of our hearts is Jesus Christ, that the most important thing is to meet Jesus Christ, but there is a problem, how do we find Him?"


"In the face of the situation of society insecure and increasingly terrified by the facts that you know, God has aroused the Second Vatican Council, where there are three dogmatic constitutions that are the foundation on which grow the Church and the Christian life: the liturgy Participated, the celebration of the Word of God and the Church as the body of Christ. "


The priest also affirmed that "the Church always rejuvenates itself in each age and an example of these are the ecclesial realities born shortly before and after the Council" and invited the young people not to be afraid to say "yes" to the call of God .


Now these young people will begin a process of discernment in which catechists and priests will help them in their vocation.



The general sales manager of IBERIA L.A.E. SA, Mr. Víctor Moneo accompanied by the manager of the area Catalonia and Levante, Mr. Santiago Escuder and the commercial director of Valencia, Mr. Alfonso Sanz, has delivered to FITUR the diploma that accredits us as the best agency of this Area during the year 2016.